I had the opportunity to speak with my friend and fellow surfer Stephen Munson at the empower network event in Orlando. Stephen shared his story of going from broke to huge financial success utilizing a viral blogging system and walking in faith.  Empower network is the opportunity to be you, to be a creative internet marketer and to earn an income anywhere you want utilizing the World Wide Web
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Dave Wood is doing a special presentation from costa rica using his high tech whiteboard. Tonight at 9pm eastern join us for an "insider's look" at what has made this online money making program so successful, and how you can cash in on all the new developments.

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LIVE at 9pm EST TONIGHT... How I've Done $70 Million in Sales... Blogging.

I'm going to keep this short...

...tonight, I'm going to lay out a formula for creating wealth online ...blogging.

At 9pm EST, refresh this blog post... in the meantime, go ahead and enjoy the last leadership hangout we did down here at Empower Network.

A few assignments if you're already on the inside...

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4.  Be a badass.

Love ya, and see you tonight.

I got to get my whiteboard out, it's getting rusty...

-David Wood
"The Guru Slayer"

* Getting ready to unleash the 'awesome'.

-The EN Team




Fooled me

Were You Fooled By Duck Dynasty?

All over America, people have fallen in love with the scruffy, long-bearded redneck Robertson family from "Duck Dynasty".  But it looks like there's more than meets the eye!

The TV show would have you believe that this band of rednecks emerged from a single-wide trailer to build a huge empire of duck-call products.  And with those long beards and all that camouflage, it's easy to believe. 

But underneath all the costumes lies a yuppie family who look more at home on the golf course country club than in a swamp.

Willie Robertson....then

Before adopting the "look" for the show, Willie adopted a surfer look, complete with bleached blond hair

Willie Robertson....now

He looks a lot different when you put him in some camouflage and give him a long beard...

Here's a picture of Jep Robertson (really)

He actually looks like he could be in a JCPenney catalog, doesn't he?  :)

In fact, here's another picture of Jep from before his "transformation" into a redneck duck-call icon.  Here he is with his family.  They look like they could be just at home on a country club as in a swamp. 

Jep Roberston....today

And of course, this is what Jep Robertson looks like today:  you'd never know from this photo that, just a few short years ago, he looked more like he belonged on a yacht floating around off the coast of Connectictut.

Just the Robertson Brothers

Wait.  What?  Who are these good-looking guys in polo shirts and wielding golf clubs?  Are they are group of Ivy League college kids who are enjoying a round of golf before heading back to Harvard or Yale for the start of school?

Nope...it's just the Robertson brothers.....before their Hollywood make-over for "Duck Dynasty".

The Truth About Duck Dynasty

Are the Robertsons a real family?  Sure. 

Did they build a huge duck-call company that does tons of business every year? 


Are they really as rough and rednecks as they seem on TV?  Well....probably not.  At least we should say "It depends".

Prior to "Duck Dynasty", they were clearly a bunch of clean-cut yuppies.  But, then when Hollywood came calling, it only makes sense that they needed an angle to really "sell" the idea of the show.

What do you think?  If Hollywood demanded it as the price of fame, would you change your persona this drastically? 

Leave your comments below!

Drivetime blog


Just wanted to put together my first blog using the mobile platform I should get it on the go while we were doing some chores Chrissy outlook said no idea To get information about it but to go with me know let me know you think in and by the way I know that it's probably not the safest thing to blog and drive but that's a drive by blogging

Way To Go GMO


Love the old school animation and poignant scarcasm because mixing genes using artificial rather than natural selection (an experiment with no real data on safety) can only be good for you. Besides fish genes do not mix with plant genes in nature and smashing them together in a lab to make new patented "products" is what nature intended.

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